Tuition Assistance Application

This form must be filled out COMPLETELY for tuition assistance consideration. This form is not necessary for those who have already been awarded individual Audubon chapter scholarships.

Please do not request tuition assistance unless you will not be able to attend Audubon Camp without it. The Camp Committee receives many requests each year, and our funds are limited! While tuition is $350, the actual cost to attend camp is $450-plus, which is subsidized by the Audubon Society. If you are awarded tuition assistance and find you will not be able to attend camp, please notify us immediately here so that the money can be used by another student.

    STUDENT ESSAY: One question must be answered by the student in his/her own words (100 words maximum)
    1. Why is it important to learn about nature?
    2. Describe your favorite thing to do in nature. Why do you enjoy this?
    3. What are some ways humans interact with nature?

    If you have any questions, shoot us an email at ttumlison@gmail.com