2020 Halberg Ecology Camp Application Form

This camp involves outdoor educational and recreational activities such as field studies, hiking on uneven paths, team sports, swimming and canoeing. Fans are present in cabins, but there is no air conditioning.
Please check if you haven’t heard back in several days. If the reply goes to a teacher, please contact them. Junior session is for first time attendees; Senior and Advanced camps are by invitation only. I take applications until we fill the 50 junior camper openings for each session; to get your session choice or if you apply for financial aid, you should apply early.

Camp dates

Camper information


School info

Parent/guardian 1

Parent/guardian 2

Emergency contact

Medical/disability issues

If your child has medical or disability issues that might impact his/her stay at camp or that might have an affect on class instruction or on other students, please enter those below. Upon camp acceptance you will be required to fill out a more detailed health form. Nondisclosure of disrupting conditions may result in a child being sent home.

I agree that my child's teacher (or other reference in the case of home schoolers) has my permission to submit a recommendation of my child to the Ecology Camp Executive Director without my reading the evaluation.